Composer and saxophonist Adnan Dura’s encounters with music began in Marmaris, a beautiful town where the green and blue of nature blend, offering artists inspiration. After completing his elementary and secondary education in Marmaris, he respectively graduated from the;

Music Department of the Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Faculty of Fine Arts – İzmir | Turkey, Prince Claus Conservatory – Jazz Saxophone- Groningen | The Netherlands, Codarts – Jazz Composition – Rotterdam | The Netherlands. Adnan earned a Master’s Degree at Codarts’ Jazz Composition Department with “P I R i. He worked with Paul M.van Brugge, the album’s mentor, and advisor.

Adnan is a Co-Founder and A&R Scout of Artpot Culture and Art Foundation Rotterdam(Stichting Kunst en Cultuur Artpot).

A resident of the Netherlands, Dura is continuously working on musical theatre and dance projects, along with writing and producing for diverse orchestras of all styles and sizes.

Adnan has recently released on his second album titled “Anthropocene “Epoch Z. ‘Jazz-related Contemporary Music | String Quartet and Alto Saxophone & FX.

This project’s album and concerts will be launched in 2022.