Piri - Cover Art

The story of a merman in his deep sleep at the sea
Reminiscing an octopus, this man, parishes countless immense he could reach in the depths of the sea and defends these undefined forms of nests at all costs. With lithe methods, this man was able to overcome all sort of battles at the bottom of the sea. Discontent with variety of patterns, exclusive to his body; he would renew himself constantly to attract the attention of the sea. Always thinking, he would search to explore new seas, which can at times make his mind tired; causing him to fall into deep sleeps.

He would fall asleep so deep that when he opened his eyes he found himself grabbing a different part of the universe. But for some reason, he can never grab the sea. Rather than bewailing about it; he actually liked it. Looking at the sea from across, he would witness it fluctuating to different dimensions with him.  As time passed, he realized something; the sea was the man himself. A reflection, which he created in his mind and transformed from shape to shape and dragged was another merman…

Image credits Illustrations by Seyma Türk